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E-learning courses are currently free of charge to all people working with or providing services to children, families and vulnerable adults. Licences are limited so please ensure you only select and complete one course at a time. Although courses are free to access, they must be completed within 21 days, otherwise a £50 non-completion charge per person per course will be applied.

You should allow between 7-8 hours in total to complete some of the courses. You can save the training you have completed and return to it at another time too. There is a short test at the end of the course, which you need to pass to complete the training.

Choose from the following:

  • Safeguarding Children Level 1 (Basics – Foundation Training) – suitable for volunteers
  • Safeguarding Everyone Level 1 (Basics – Foundation Training) – suitable for volunteers
  • Safeguarding Children Level 3* (aligns to our SCP Level 1 Introduction to Safeguarding Children Training)
  • Safeguarding Children Level 3 Refresher
  • Safeguarding Everyone Level 3*
  • Safeguarding Everyone Level 3 Refresher
  • FGM and Abuse Linked to Faith or Belief (Includes honour based violence, forced marriage and belief in spirit possession)
  • Awareness of Domestic Violence and Abuse
  • Awareness of Forced Marriages
  • Modern Slavery and Trafficking
  • Toxic Trio (Parental Mental Health, Domestic Abuse and Substance Misuse)
  • Working with Children with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities
  • Safer Recruitment
  • Keeping Them Safe – Protecting Children from Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Gang Related Issues and County Lines
  • E-Safety
  • Supporting Teenagers and Young People (Covers risk of teenage pregnancy, teenage relationship abuse, use of substances etc)
  • Self-Harm
  • Child Poverty

Please visit the following link for details on how to register:

SaferNEL | Children's workforce development - SaferNEL