Let's Talk About... supervision for Heads in Education to Support WFER

Online Event

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Led by an Educational Psychologist and CompassGO MHST, this season is specifically intended for Headteachers or those in equivalent roles in our settings.

Topics discussed will include:

The value of supervision for those working in education.

Myths around supervision.

Reflective Groups as a model of peer supervision.


We all know that working in Education has - and has always had - its own unique challenges alongside the wonderful aspects of the job. We also know that what you and your teams have been asked to do over the past 18 months or so has surpassed all expectations. And as we work together to move forward after this time, we know that there are more challenges to come.

Partly in recognition of this, and also to offer our thanks and admiration in some small way, we intend to set up and facilitate a free supervision group for you which we will initially run for three sessions. We hope this will be an effective space for you to meet with peers in the same job role, to share some of your good practice, and have time and space to reflect.